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D66 Election program – In favor of Europe

D66 is pro-Europe. We are optimistic. For our country to be strong, we don’t need less, but more Europe. That is why D66 was, is and remains the most pro-European party.

There have not been national solutions for international challenges for a long time. We need to work together for this in Europe. For a clean climate. For our freedom. And for our voice in the world

For a clean climate

Europe has to do all it takes to guarantee a clean future. Achieving the climate goals set out in Paris. Protecting Europe’s nature. Making the transition to clean energy. Creating growth, jobs, and prosperity through innovation. We will make Europe a front-runner globally.

  • With one powerful Energy Union, we will exclusively generate sustainable energy in 2050. We will shut down coal plants throughout the entire EU.
  • Instead of soy and maize, we only feed our cattle with remains from our food industry, grass, and insects. To achieve this we will create an international biodiversity agreement, as has been done for the climate with the Paris agreements.
  • We will concentrate on sustainable agriculture rather than old-fashioned agricultural subsidies. D66 supports farmers that actively work on achieving the
  • Paris climate goals, on circular sustainable agriculture, and those that stimulate biodiversity and animal welfare.
  • We want to prevent animal suffering. D66 wants to end illegal animal trading.
  • We want cleaner oceans, rivers, and coasts.

For clean and connected European transport for everyone.

We will ensure that people will get off planes, and on trains. This is better for our climate. D66 wants:

  • That trains become cheaper, and planes more expensive. With a European tax on flying and a tax on kerosene. We will suspend the VAT-tariff for trains.
  • We want to decrease CO2-output . That means that shipping needs to be more sustainable.
  • We want to invest in clean transport. Stimulating the purchase and use of clean vehicles;
  • The train to be more financially attractive than taking a plane. This is why we want a European Railway agenda, and why we need to invest more in high-speed railway connections.

For a Europe that shares honestly

D66 wants no barriers for people that want to work, live or study in another EU-country. This is why want:

  • More money for the Erasmus-program, the exchange program for students, and with an extra focus on exchanges in vocational education.
  • Recognition of all educational degrees, certificates, modules and internships between Member-States;
  • Equal pay for men and women, legally enshrined;
  • Women should hold at least half of all important EU positions in 2019.

For a Europe that protects

In Europe we place importance on the same norms and values. Our freedom, security, welfare and human rights need to be protected. D66 fights for freedom for everyone. In a free Europe, everyone should feel free to be whoever they want to be, openly. Therefore D66 wants:

  • To punish EU Member States that do not respect fundamental rights, such as the rule of law and democracy. D66 wants every Member State to be assessed on a yearly basis and on the same criteria. If a country does not meet these requirements they could for example be fined;
  • A wide-spread and ambitious LGBTQI-emancipation policy for the entire EU;
  • Stricter rules for tech-giants. We want to prevent that these big digital companies, like Facebook and Google abuse their power;
  • Better protection for journalists through an independent hotline for threats and violence.

For our European voice in the world

There are no national solutions for international problems. Europe protects us. Only together we are able to stand up to powers such as the United States, Russia and China. European co-operation is good for our freedom. Our safety. Our prosperity. Therefore D66 wants:

  • European armed forces that protect us and are able to play a meaningful role globally;
  • A European Intelligence and Security service;
    strict requirements for countries that wish to join the European Union. President Erdogan of Turkey is closing the door towards Europe with his dictatorial politics.
  • Cybersecurity to be a top priority. We need to reinforce fragile software and prevent ransomware attacks;
  • A permanent European seat in the UN Security Council, the WTO, the IMF, and the World Bank.

For a Europe that helps people

People that flee war and violence are always welcome in the European Union. People that want to work in Europe should be able to apply in a safe way. We protect human rights, in and outside Europe. D66 wants:

  • A better asylum system. We offer those who flee war a safe place here. We also need to invest sufficiently in the region and to invest more in economy, education, the rule of law and public administration.
  • To take strong measures against human-rights violations and corruption, both in and outside the European Union;
  • To promote human rights, democracy, and the rule of law from Europe all over the world. Especially minority, women and LGBTQI rights.

For a European Union with the Brits

Two years ago, the United Kingdom chose to leave the EU. D66 would prefer the British people to stay in. Brexit does not provide anything, except for an ever-increasing amount of chaos. Should the UK leave the EU, D66 wants:

  • To ensure that Dutch citizens living in the UK can obtain dual-citizenship.
  • A trading relationship between the EU and Great-Britain.

For a democratic and transparent Europe.

The European Union is built on its people. Therefore, it needs to be more transparent, more democratic, and more effective. We want a political and federal European Union:

  • More power for the European Parliament, the only European Institution directly elected by the people. Full legislative powers, the right of initiative, full parliamentary inquiry rights, and full authority over the EU budget.
  • Majority voting instead of veto’s for all policy-areas;
  • A smaller European Commission. Commissioners should be chosen based on performance and competence.
  • A single seat for the European Parliament in Brussels.

For a sound economic Europe

European countries currently pay national contributions to Europe through a complicated system with rebates. D66 wants a system that is fair for everyone.

  • An annual European budget that provides insight into how much money is coming in, and where it is going, instead of the 7 year budgets we have currently;
  • A European tax, for example for the usage of polluting fuels that directly finances the European budget;
  • We need a European corporate tax rate. Now big companies shop between the European Member States almost not paying any taxes in the end. That is unfair and would be solved by a common European corporate tax.

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