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What you need to know about the European elections

Can I Vote?

Every European citizen over the age of 18 years old, is eligible to vote in the upcoming European elections. As a non-Dutch European citizen, living and registered in the Netherlands you are also allowed to participate in the Dutch European elections. This means that you can vote for the Dutch parties and candidates standing for election on 23 May 2019.

How do I vote?

As a non-Dutch European citizen, you need to register at your local municipality. You should register yourself before 9 April 2019. When registered correctly, you will automatically receive a voting pass a few days ahead of the elections. You need this personal ´voting pass´ on election day to vote, so make sure you keep it safe!

On election day you can go to any polling place within the municipality where you live. You need to bring a valid photo-ID – a passport, a European ID card or a Dutch driver’s license – and your personal ‘voting pass’ in order to be allowed to cast your ballot. You will be handed a ballot at the polling place. On the ballot, you colour the circle next to the name of one candidate red. That’s the candidate, and his or her party, that you have voted for.

You can always ask for instructions on the voting process form the volunteers at your polling place. There are polling places at all Town- and City Halls, at most train stations and at many locations within your municipality. For a full list of polling places, check the website of your local municipality. You have to vote within the municipality where you live, but you can pick any polling place within your municipality to cast your ballot.

Why should you vote?

The European Parliament is the institution that represents the European people. It makes decisions on themes such as agriculture, migration and the energy transition. Besides this, the Parliament chooses the president of the European Commission. Together the Parliament and the Commission make laws about how to grow the economy or how to protect our food standards.

Europe belongs to all of us and therefore we should take decisions together. By voting, you help to decide what the future of Europe will look like.



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